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Kitty Bowl Plus For Cats


Kitty Bowl Plus For Cats


Check out how the Kitty Bowl Plus can help your cat!

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✅ Reduces Vomiting : A raised & tilted bowl design lowers pressure of your pet's joints and stomach. The Kitty Bowl Plus also reduce the pet's neck burden and promotes the health of the digestive system.

✅ Prevents Acid Re-flux : Ingesting food while stooping causes intestinal issues & acid re-flux. A more comfortable way to eat : The Kitty Bowl Plus is raised 3.5 inches so your cat does not have to stoop low in order to eat & drink.

✅ Prevents Joint Pain : The Kitty Bowl Plus is tilted 15 degrees in order to protect the cat's cervical spine while eating.

✅ Recommended by VETERINARIANS : Traditional bowls can not compare to the Kitty Bowl Plus. See why it's recommended by everyone!


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