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Popn Bloop Toy


Popn Bloop Toy


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Develop children's intelligence, cultivate logical reasoning ability and exercise mental arithmetic and planning ability. At the same time, it can prevent degeneration of the brain of the elderly and keep the brain active.


Our Popn Bloop toy's will make a slight popping sound when pressing the bubble to help relieve stress, anxiety and the restlessness in life. It is suitable to parent-child games, autism, people with high-anxiety, elderly, children and adults.


Our Popn Bloop toy's are made of food grade silicone, healthy and friendly. It is reusable, washable, durable and portable.


Our Popn Bloop toy's is a great gift for everyone, very suitable to use the toy in schools, classrooms, offices and home. Restore the mood or get rid of boredom during a trip.


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