IT TAKES JUST 5S TO PUREE ANY MATERIAL – UNIQUE TOOLS IN THE KITCHEN! Blending, Mashing, Chopping and Slicing all at your fingertips. It’s a multi-function kitchen tool – The all-in-one grinder comes with multiple useful functions that can totally replace your blender, meat grinder, juicer, etc. and is super space-saving!

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βœ… MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FOOD GRINDER: The Pro Food Grinder is equipped with 4 stainless steel blades and 2 modes to choose from.

πŸ‘‰ Grinding meat, fruits, food: 2 mode grinder, blender and pureed food often.

πŸ‘‰ Grinding Fish & Crab: Grind shrimp, crab and fish as desired, shorten your cooking time.

πŸ‘‰ Crushing Grains & Seeds: Grind grains, nuts nutrition at home. Convenient, cost saving.

πŸ‘‰ Grinding Chili, Ginger: Grind chili, ginger without worry of shooting, teary eyes, fast and convenient!

βœ… SHARP AND EFFICIENT: The Pro Food Grinder comes with real power 300W, which is more efficient and fast. 4D design blades allow the upper and lower blades to evenly chop food from every angle of 360 degrees.

βœ… LARGE CAPACITY AND DURABILITY: The mini grinder is equipped with a stainless steel bowl and 2L capacity. Compared with glass bowls or plastic bowls, it is stronger, healthier and shock-proof, ensuring durability. The joint connection between blade and the main body is made of stainless steel (unlike other plastic one) thus the blade is not easy to break off.

βœ… EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Just plug the wire, press the button and mince food in seconds, avoid using knife. The grinder can be disassembled, so the accessories are easier to clean. The grinder comes with a non-slip mat, you can put the bowl on the mat.

βœ… SECURITY: Our Pro Food Grinder is certified by GS, CE, CB, GS with strictest standard. If you have problems during use, do not hesitate to contact us by email, we are ready to help you.


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